Gourmet Grit


Gourmet Grit is a total grit solution packed with extra nutrients making it much more beneficial to your
birds than other standard grits. Grit is an essential part of a bird’s diet, but we want to give your birds more
than just the basics. The unique multitude of tasty ingredients in Gourmet Grit combine to help improve
digestion and promote a healthy lifestyle for your poultry, with the addition of seeds and High Protein
Pellets for extra nutrition. The irresistible recipe supports the development of strong bones, the production
of strong-shelled eggs and the promotion of a silky plumage, helping your chickens look good and feel

• Total grit solution
• Packed with nutrients
• Improves digestion
• High calcium for stronger bones & egg shells
• Promotes silky plumage

Composition: Grit (Oystershell, Redstone, Limestone, Korrel, Seaweed, Stomach Stones), Minerals, Clay,
High Protein Pellets, Millet, Biscuit Flour, Toasted Soya Beans, Beer Yeast, Charcoal, Egg Food, Vegetable
Balls, Herbal Extracts, Wild Seeds, Peeled Oats, Aniseed.

Additives (per kg): Vitamins: Vitamin A 110iu, Vitamin D3 33iu, Vitamin E 100mg, Vitamin B2 100mg,
Vitamin B1 50mg, Vitamin B3 20mg, Vitamin B12 1000mg, E1 Iron 650mg, E4 Copper 200mg, E3 Cobalt
20mg, E2 Iodine 18mg, E8 Selenium 4mg, Antioxidants.
Analytical Constituents: Calcium 25.2%, Phosphorus 3.5%, Sodium 2.1%.

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