Meet Team Taylor

We are very much a family affair, run by 2 brothers and very often helped by both friends and family. We love adding that personal touch, building a relationship with both customers old and new!

Matt Taylor

founder / senior manager

Matt started off as a hobby breeder having grown up with a small back garden flock. On his 14th Birthday he was bought an incubator and eggs, from there a small hobby has turned into a thriving family business. 

Favourite Chicken : Wybar

Callum Taylor

retail manager

Callum joined the team in 2012 giving Matt a hand at the weekends, after he finished school Callum came to work full time and successfully completed an apprenticeship with us and was promoted to manager.

Favourite Chicken: Sulmtaler

Caitlin Taylor

shop assistant

Caitlin is the youngest sibling of the Taylor family. Working Sundays as one of the two new friendly faces that have recently joined the team. Caitlin is a fast learner and works very hard. She is happy to help and feel free to speak to her if you have any questions and queries. 

Favourite Chicken:  Mottled Pekin

Lucy Taylor

Behind the scenes

Lucy unofficially joined the team in 2013, although she has another job she is always helping in the background and keeping the team (mainly Matt) organised.

Favourite Chicken: Silver Pencilled Wyandotte

Abigail Sargent

Shop Assistant

Abigail is the other friendly face to the Sunday duo. Abigail is a very polite and hardworking member of the team. She will also be happy to help with any customer queries or questions.

Favourite Chicken: 

Inca and Maya

Loving Labradors

Inca joined in 2016 and Maya in 2017. They are our chief chicken herders and keeping the workforce thoroughly loved through wet kisses.

Favourite Chicken:  What ever is out and about


Crazy Cockapoo

Ralphie joined the workforce in 2018, His favourite job is helping Callum shut the chickens away of an evening. Ralphie can be mischievous and very clever so we have to keep a close eye on him. Hes also helps keep the team warm in the winter by jumping on any lap open to having him.

Favourite Chicken:  The Fastest ones 

Mocha and Milky

Flock Guardians

They both joined us in 2012 and they keep a very watchful eye out for 4 legged thief’s. Also they are brilliant lawn mowers!

Favourite Chicken: N/A

Bubble and Squeak

Pet pigs

One of our more recent additions, they are Saddleback Sows. Be sure to visit them, you may be lucky enough to see them get fed but they quite often squeal with excitement!

Topsy and Turvy

Resident Cats

They joined the team in the summer of 2018 when we re-homed them through a local charity as they were living feral. They aren’t keen on strangers but do like a fuss on their terms.

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