What hens do we have at the moment?

We try are best to update this weekly or as we have new batches ready. If you are after a particular breed then please call us as we may have some ready in the near future. 

LAST UPDATED on 22/09/19

Due to a extremely busy year here we have almost sold out of Hybrids. However our next batch will be ready from 16th October with our largest range of hybrids to date (18 Varieties)!

If you preorder your hens before this date and pick up that week we are offering the hybrids for £13 instead of £16 or the £25 hens will be £20.

Amber Rock
Rhode Rock
Columbian Black Tail (Light)
Columbian Black Tail (Dark)
Lohmann Brown
Light Sussex
Silver Sussex
Speckledy Maran
Blue Maran ( 2 varieties)
Splash Plymouth Rock
Speckledy Gold ( 3 varieties)
White Leghorn

Devon Blue – Blue / Green Egg Layer – 5 Different Colours
Devon Bronze – Dark Brown Egg Layer
Devon Olive – Limited edition – Olive Egg Layer
Millefluer Leghorn
Partridge Leghorn
Silver Duckwing Leghorn

Barred Plymouth Rock
Millefluer Leghorn
Partridge Leghorn

Light Sussex
Buff Plymouth Rock
Buff Leghorn

Cochin – White and Buff

Breeds Available to Order

Brahma – Partridge ( Gold, Splash and Blue), Silver Pencilled and Columbian ( Light, Blue and Buff

Rhode Island Red
Pekins – Black Mottled (plus frizzle), Lavender, Salmon, Gold Laced and Millefluer
Buff Sussex
Light Sussex
Rhode Rock
Silkies – Lots of different colours!
Polish – Lots of colours as well as frizzle
Laced Wyandottes – Blue, Buff, Gold and Silver
Salmon Faverolles
Copper Marans
Rumpless Araucana – Salmon and  Pyle 
Plymouth Rock – Splash, Blue and Gold Barred

Ducklings Hatched 05/06/2019 – Runners – Only 7 now left

Italian – Day old to point of lay both male and female available
Japanese – Day old up to point of lay