What hens do we have at the moment?

We try are best to update this weekly or as we have new batches ready. If you are after a particular breed then please call us as we may have some ready in the near future. 

LAST UPDATED on 11/08/19

Cochin – White and Buff

Breeds Available to Order

Brahma – Partridge ( Gold, Splash and Blue), Silver Pencilled and Columbian ( Light, Blue and Buff)

Rhode Island Red
Pekins – Black Mottled (plus frizzle), Lavender, Salmon, Gold Laced and Millefluer
Buff Sussex
Light Sussex
Rhode Rock
Silkies – Lots of different colours!
Polish – Lots of colours as well as frizzle
Laced Wyandottes – Blue, Buff, Gold and Silver
Salmon Faverolles
Copper Marans
Rumpless Araucana – Salmon and  Pyle 
Plymouth Rock – Splash, Blue and Gold Barred

Ducklings Hatched 06/05/2019 – Runners, Miniature Appleyard and Bali

Ducklings Hatched 05/06/2019 – Runners

Italian – Day old to point of lay both male and female available
Japanese – Day old up to point of lay