Alfalfa Forage Feast 900g

Alfalfa Forage Feast is an appetising blend of alfalfa, maize, flaked peas and grit. Promotes healthy intestinal flora and a good resistance

Some of the many benefits of feeding alfalfa to poultry include:

Increased pigmentation – Eggs will produce eggs with more orangey yolks

Rich in minerals – Alfalfa is an excellent source of calcium and selenium phosphorous as well as Vitamin D and A.

High in fibre – A good addition to the diets of hens who don’t have access to grass or other roughage

Reduces feather pecking – Gives them a diversion and keeps them active

Feeding Guide: For best results, take a large handful and add a cup of water. Leave to soak for 5 minutes. Then scatter on the floor of the pen to help satisfy the birds instinct to scratch and peck. Can be fed dry.


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