We stock a range different types of bedding as asked for by our customers!

Any other type of bedding we do to order.

Small Flake Shavings

Compressed softwood fluffy shavings – dust extacted

Whole Barley Straw

Compressed whole Barley Straw

Meadow Hay 

Uncompressed and slightly scented

Smart Chick Bedding – 30L

Produced from 100% FSC UK sourced dust free softwood, this premium woodchip poultry bedding is not only good for the animals but, being organic and biodegradable, it’s good for our environment. Smart Chick is available in 30 litre bags.

1 bag per sq metre a month

Smart Chick Poultry Bed 30l
Chopped Wheat Straw – Large and Small bales

The Straw is chopped to increase absorbency and softness then cleaned and dust extracted.

  • Economical – very long lasting
  • Biodegradable and rots down quickly
  • Consistent – bale to bale
  • Dust free – passed through dust-extraction plant
  • Saves money – needs less frequent changes of bedding
  • Natural – no additives are used
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • More mite resistant than conventional straw
Mixed Shaving – Large and Small Bales

Premium quality, kiln dried, white soft wood shavings, screened to remove fine dust particles; compressed into large bales.

Wood Pellets – 4kg and 15kg

Pellets are 100% sterile and made from top-quality raw materials with no additives of any kind, making them the perfect bedding material for your flock.

Containing a lower moisture content than freshly cut timber, (typically <10%) helps to greatly reduce the occurrence of moulds, spores and mites resulting in a healthier and happier flock.

Burly Bed Bale

100% miscanthus (elephant grass)
Economical, ultra-absorbent, lasts longer
Easy to maintain, saving time
Dust extracted
Carbon neutral and bio-degradable
Naturally sustainable product
Environmentally friendly crop


Aubiose Bales

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