Monthly Basic Treat Package (12 month subscription)

/ 12 months


SPECIAL OFFER 12 months for the price of 11 months

Our new monthly basic treat package is a great way to keep your hens occupied. The perfect boredom buster with” Flock Down” due to Avian Flu. We also include 2 sachets of a government approved disinfectant for foot dips to help keep your hens safe.

Every month we will send out a different selection of delicious treats and boredom busters for your hens to enjoy. As well as an informative leaflet on how some of the products will benefit your hens for the time of year.

Guaranteed value of £30+, Delivered to your door every month. SAVING of over 25%.

Please note the photo is an example and contents of the box will vary.

Annual Subscription. Parcels will be sent out the last week of each month. No additional charge for shipping.