Feldy High Energy Chicken Pecker Balls – Pack of 6



Feldy Chicken Pecker Balls is a high quality, bespoke product for the commercial and domestic chicken keeper. The blend of 12 specially selected, readily digestible ingredients contributes to the flock?s daily intake of essential nutrients. In addition, a blend of added herbs and spices act as an ?attractant? to the balls.

When fed regularly they help to improve your flock?s general condition, feathering and health and feature added calcium for the production of top quality eggshells. All ingredients are sourced from UFAS and Red Tractor Assured suppliers.

These tasty chicken feed balls are ideal for use with the Feather and Beaky Veg Holder. The feed balls are firm in nature and have been designed for maximum longevity in all weather conditions.

Composition:?Ground Wheat, Whole Wheat, Cut Maize, Flour, Limestone Flour, Refined White Fat, Sunflower, White Dari, Red Dari, Prairie Meal, Maize Meal, Peanut Meal, Spice Attractant.

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