Looks - Pekins come in over 25 differnet colours. Pekins are a "True Bantam" meaning they have no Large fowl counterpart. In terms of shape they have a very round and low to the ground shape with feathery feet.

Personality - These marvellous, compact bantams are full of personality. As they have feathered feet they don't scratch and forage as much so do less damage to the garden.

Eggs - 180 small cream eggs per year

Day-To-Day - Very laid back and easy to handle. Howevermay require more maintance as with all feathered feet breeds they will require checking regularly and best kept on well draining ground or better suited in a covered run.

We bred the following varieties.... Blue, Blue Mottled, Black, Black Mottled, Chocolate, Lavender, Millefluer, Silver Laced.

Hatching Eggs also Avaliable