Looks- the Welsummer is an attractive, if not spectacular bird, the males have a traditional farmyard cockerel look about them. Both sexes are active and adopt an upright, busy manner. They have a long back, but a characteristic U shaped, formed by the neck back and tail. The well-proportionedhead features a short, light coloured beak, alert, orange eyes, a single, upright comb with between five and seven serrations, a smooth red face, small red earlobes and averagely sized red wattles. The legs are featherless, yellow and have four well spread toes. Male bird show more colour than female birds and have an attractive mix of reds, brown and black with a beetle green sheen. The hens are much plainer, being essentially brown with black speckling, although the hackle feathers are a gold shafted.

Personality- The Welsummer has a friendly and docile character, and it’s easy to handle and child friendly, making it ideally suited to being a garden bird. It calm temperament makes it a pleasure to own in all respects
Eggs- a good healthy Welsummer hen will produce between 140-160 eggs a year, with rich brown shell.
Day-to-Day- This bird does just about everything right. It is easy to look after and will be happy foraging or living in confinement. It is a hardy breed and an economical eater. The only negative aspect of this bird is that the hens do not make for good mothers, and if you want to hatch eggs you will need an incubator.