Exchequer Leghorn

Looks- The leghorns appearance is dominated by its large single comb, which should always stand proud upright on males but fall to one side on females. The birds have attractively proportioned, firm and well feathered bodies, with reasonably full tails, long necks and featherless legs. The Exchequer Leghorn is black with white flecks through-out and have a yellow or horn coloured beak and red eyes. The face and wattles are bright red, earlobes are pure white or occasionally cream coloured, and the legs are yellow or sometimes orange. 

Personality- Like other Mediterranean breads, leghorns can be excitable and noisy.
Eggs- If you can live with their sprightly character, these birds will reward you with masses of eggs. Leghorns are one of the top pure breed layers and each healthy hen should produce around 300 eggs per year.
Day-to-day- Leghorns can cope well with confinement and they are good winter layers. They can also be good flyers so you will need to think carefully about providing a secure enclosure.  The hens are non-sitters and will very rarely go broody. They do love to forage and are generally robust. Be warned however, that there large combs can suffer damage in cold weather.