Buff Sussex

Looks- The Sussex is a neat and well proportioned. One of its trademark features is its wide, flat back, which coupled with broad shoulder a deep breast and tail held at an angle of 45 degrees creates a classic look. The head has a short, curved beak, good eyes and a single com, which is evenly serrated and vertical. The face, earlobes and wattles are red and of a fine texture. The neck is pleasingly curved and has a good covering of hackle feathers, and the light-coloured legs are featherless.

The Light Sussex is the most popular colour variant, which has black striped hackle feathers, a white body and a black tail, a colour scheme that is wonderfully finished by the bright red comb, face, wattles and earlobes. The Buff has a similar overall look but the white is replaced by a rich golden buff.

Personality- It is hard to fault the Sussex�s character. The breed is docile and gentle, friendly and easy to handle. At the same time these birds are active and curious.
Eggs- a typical hen will lay about 280 good-sized, light brown eggs in a year.
Day-to-day The Sussex is a relatively easy and undemanding bird to keep, making it a sound choice for the beginner. The birds love to forage but will be happy in contained. They are robust, tolerate low temperatures well and make great broodies and alternative mothers.