Speckledy Maran


Looks- Marans are attractive chickens, with broad, deep and well fleshed bodies. The head sits on top of a medium- length neck, and there are large, prominent, red-orange eyes (with big pupils) and a single comb with up to seven serrations. The lights coloured beak is medium sized and red wattles and earlobes are similarly proportioned. The bird stands on well spaced, medium length legs, which are un-feathered and light in colour. The feet have four toes and are clean and light in colour. The Speckeledy Maran is interesting and attractive to look at. They have an all-over pattern, with each feather banded with light and dark, to create an extremely appealing overall effect.
Personality- Marans prefer not to be handled and can be a bit variable when it comes to temperament, which seems to depend on the strain (we have found ours to be quite friendly). In general though they are busy birds that like to be kept active. There great to have around the garden and will happily pick away at slugs, snails and other garden pests.
Eggs- these birds will certainly not disappoint as far as laying in concerned. And will lay around 290 brown eggs per year.
Day-to-day- The maran is a great forager and likes free-range conditions. It is a generally hardy breed so should present very few problems if well kept.