Buff Orpington

Looks- Orpington's are big but well-balanced bird, with a deep body, straight back and medium sized tail- everything is in proportion. The yellow beak is short and stout, and the large eyes are prominent. The single comb is serrated,. The earlobes are large and tend to be about the same length as the wattles. The averagely long neck is slightly curved and covered with flowing hackle feathers, which extend down to the shoulders. There are no feathers on the legs, which are yellow, reasonably long and well spaced. Each foot has four toes. The birds should be evenly coloured throughout the feathering, right down to the skin.

Personality- As far as personality is concerned chickens do not get much better than the Orpington. The breed is known for its placid, docile, friendly temperament, and birds are happy to be handled. They are friendly birds, which are easily tamed and can make ideal pets for children.
Eggs- This breed is a good layer or large tinted eggs and healthy hens should lay 240 eggs in one year.
Day-to-day- The Orpington will be content if confined, but equally happy to free-range if given the opportunity. It is not a very efficient eater and will mature reasonably early, so take care not to over feed birds that are enclosed in smallish runs.