Here at Taylor Made Poultry we stride to offer only the best for our customers, thats why we offer up to 10 different houses that vary in design and the material of which they are made from. So what ever you budget or taste we hope you will find a house thats perfect for you and your hens!

See each coop for what Starter Pack Deals we have!
All our starter pack include a house/ run, feeder, drinker, food, straw, shavings, grit as well as 3 Point Of Lay hybrids.

The Eco-Flex range - are relativly new to the UK but are one of our best sellers. Its consists of 4 different houses.

  • Advantages
  • Constructed from a material made from recycled plastics and wood fibres
  • Light weight
  • Insulated - twin walled with a cavity in the centre which traps air to provide insulation
  • Resistant to pests, rot, weather & moisture
  • Easy to assemble - no tools required !!
  • Easy to keep clean & hygienic - can be hosed down in minutes!!
  • Will not warp or rot
  • Colour:  Non-fading, natural cedar finish

The Jumbo Cotswold Coop - up to 12 large hens - £400

The Jumbo Cotswold Coop is the perfect backyard house for your flock when it gets too large for most other available coops. The best environment available for your hens, designed with their health in mind. Well ventilated and easy to clean with raised floors that don’t touch the ground for separation between the cold, damp ground and your hens. Also features two wide roosting bars on the inside. Sized for up to 12 hens (based on standard breed sizes), Easy 20 minute no-tool assembly. Full length back nest box

Size Length 60” x Depth 46” x Height 40”


The Cotswold Coop - up to 7 large hens - £240


  • Coop measures approx. 39"W x 29"D x 28"H
  • Pophole measures: 10”W x 15”H
  • 10 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Nesting box measures approx: 19" x 16" x 20")
  • Nesting box has a lift-up lid for easy access
  • Door into coop drops down to form a ramp
  • Suitable for 6 - 8 regular sized birds or 12 bantams (Guideline Only)
  • Also suitable for ducks

Overall external dimensions: 58"W x 29"D x 29"H (incl. next box)


The Stratford House and Run - up to 3 large hens -  £399

  • Specifications/Features (please note that all dimensions are approximate)
  • Part of run area is underneath the sleeping area (see image)
  • Sliding pophole into sleeping area from ramp measures approx. 20cmW x 25cmH
  • Nesting box 30cmD x 75cmW x 37cmH with opening roof Roof over run to prevent wild bird droppings (in compliance with avian flu precautions)
  • Door with sliding bolt on front of sleeping area for easy access
  • Mesh door with sliding bolt into run area
  • Mesh measures approx. 1.24 cms
  • Ramp leading from sleeping area into run
  • 2 Roosting Bars in sleeping area
  • Suitable for 2 - 3 medium birds or 5-6 bantams (Guideline Only)

Overall external dimensions: approx: 198cmL x 75cmD x 103cmH (incl. next box)(please note that all dimensions are approximate)


The Deluxe Range

Walk in Canterbury Coop (Up to 5 hens) - £395

The Canterbury is a brilliant self contained coop and run, which can hold up to 5 hens. Perfect for those looking for a few hens in the back garden with limited space.

It is a well designed and built coop, Made from European timber.

The easy clean side opening door means cleaning out without having to bend down!

Comes flat packed so no need to worry about fitting through your garden gates!

This coop is our best seller!

  • The Measurements (approx) all in cm
  • Overall: 280L x 125W x 180H.
  • Access into run through large door at the front
  • Sliding pop hole
  • Vermin proof due to raised design
  • "Single skin" roof- more hygienic
  • Removable perch and internal nest boxes- perfect for easy cleaning


Rita Ark (2 - 3 hens) - £180

The Rita is a traditional Self contained ark coop and run which can hold up to 3 hens. Perfect for those with a back garden with limited space.

It is a well designed and built coop, made from European timber.

  • The Rita measurements all in cm
  • Overall; 183L x 97W x 79H
  • Easy Clean rear opening door.
  • Drop down pop hole
  • Timber perch and nesting frame
  • molded handles for easy lifting
  • "single skin" design for easy cleaning

GET THIS COOP IN A STARTER PACK FOR £250 - Only 2 hens are in this pack


The Budget Range -  These will only be done to order now due to the continuing falling quality of chinese imports. They are great for people on a budget however we feel that these coops are not strong and secure enough to guarantee your hens safety. 

Large Apex House - up to 8 large hens - £180
Large Apex House plus Double Run - up to 6 large hens - £240
Medium Raised Coop plus Run - up to 3 large hens - £180
Large Raised Coop plus Run - up to 5 large hens - £230
· Made from kiln dried and paned fir wood
· Galvanised steel dirt tray
· All houses are felt free
· Screwed and glued joints (no nails)
Petz Podz are a new range of animal homes available in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large. There are 6 funky colours.
Medium Pod plus Run - up to 3 large hens - £440 inc delivery
Large Pod plus Run - up to 7 large hens - £620 inc delivery
TMP Bespoke
Can't find a coop that suits your set up? No worries we can make it for you!
Pop into the shop and we will be happy to discuss it with you.