All of the health related products are specially chosen by us and tried 'n' tested to ensure that it does exactly as it say on the tin! And only then will it be on our shelf, so when the time comes you can buy in confidence! We also do specialised tonics which get to the root of the problem quicker.

A few of the brands we stock are -


Thrive Range

Keep - Well

Intervits Multivit

Nutrimin (Cider Vinegar)


When it comes to mites you dont want to waste money and time on products that don't really to the job, for that reason we sell SMITE as will kill anything will an exoskeleton (mites/ lice) but also disinfect the coop at the same time! Smite is avaliable in liquid(concentrated or ready to use) and in organic powder form.

We also sell an insecticide spray (lasts for 6 weeeks after application) and a insecticide fumer

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