Why Hire Hens?

  • Offers you the opportunity to experience the benefits of keeping hens without any long term commitments
  • Removes the set up costs
  • Ideal if only needed for short term to support curriculum in an unique and creative way to engage children in a range of subjects

Why Hire Hens from us?

We will train staff about hen keeping plus offer advice and answer any questions you have 24/7

The package will have everything you need to keep hens (see below)

When it comes to school breaks, we offer an option to collect the hens and look after them for you or can deliver them to a parent or teachers house where they can look after them, when the school go back we will return your hens to you!

We offer a 10 day taster for ONLY £70 plus delivery

At the end of the hire period we offer an option to buy it out right

The Hens for Hire package includes...

  • A large low maintenance/ easy to clean house with 2.4m run (PetzPodz)
  • 3 different hens (child friendly)
  • Feeder + Drinker
  • Food (layers pellets plus corn as a treat)
  • Bedding (Bale Chopped Straw)
  • Crash Course in hen keeping
  • 4 weekly health check
  • Plus hen related worksheets which accompany the curriculum 

The cost of hire will vary depending on length of time and distance from Ivybridge but prices start from £30 a week, prices include installation as well as consumables (food/bedding)

For More information please contact Matt on 01752 426422.

Alternately you can email us: matt@taylormadepoultry.co.uk

Or pop in and see us at our shop...

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