Going on holiday and need someone to look after your chickens for you?


After many requests by customers we are now offering a hen boarding service. We can look after your hens whilst you are on holiday

Your hens will benefit from:

* A safe, trustworthy, experienced home where we can quickly spot and treat any problems should they arise.

* Layers pellets included as well as other treats.

* Clean housing and run.

* All hens will be thoroughly checked over on arrival, and if they have any lice will be dusted with Louse Powder.

* Hens will be locked inside the house overnight for safety.

* Fox resistant, large safe runs.

* For an additional charge we can worm your hens with Flubenvet during their stay, treat them intensively for lice & mites, etc.

Please Note - Drop off will be PM and collection AM unless otherwise arranged.

Please contact us for further details or to book.

Phone - 01752 426422

Email - info@taylormadepoultry.co.uk